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We are a rapidly growing family. We recognise we are all broken people but we choose to love each other all the more deeply because of it. We gather together every Saturday evening to encounter & celebrate a living God who binds our wounds, fills our hearts with hope and changes our lives beyond our wildest dreams. Many of us have experienced homelessness, addiction, prison and abuse – we are seeing lives being transformed, chains being broken and new hope-filled stories being written each week.

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Thursday Gathering

Every Thursday at 11.30am

followed by a meal at tHe banqueting Table at 12.30pm

Worship, message, prayer and food. All are welcome to our mid-week gathering in the Sanctuary at The Gathering Place for an encounter with our Heavenly Father. Saturday Gathering - but on a Thursday!

Psalm 22 Video Series

Featuring members of our Saturday Gathering family sharing their stories alongside verses from Psalm 22 and a Passion Play.

Emma's Story

Bren's Story

Rob's Story

Howard's story


We believe God’s heart is for our nations to be so much like Heaven He can walk every street and feel at home! Through acts of kindness, great love & through the power of the Holy Spirit working within us, we are partnering with God, believing this to become true for Calderdale.