Food & Support Drop-In Newsletter: January


We are currently short of Tinned Rice Pudding, Coffee, Tinned Vegetables, Tinned Meals, Pasta Sauce, Curry Sauce, Washing powder and Washing Up Liquid. Again please can we concentrate on these at the moment. Thank you so much.


The Drop In is open for deliveries every Thursday between 9am - 1pm and every Saturday morning between 9am - 11.30am.

For Your Prayers

This week we gave out 104 parcels which included 7 for new people, plus another 7 parcels for families who attended family gathering with 11 children. We had 50 volunteers.
The following people asked for your prayers; Andrew, Nathan, Elizabeth, Neil, Mary, Derek, Greg, Karen, Jeff, Nicola, Natalie, Richard, Keiran, Tracy, Rachel, Julie, Michael, Daniel, Dean, Lauren,  Raymond,  Ben, Heath,  Paul, Anthony, Patrick, Claire, Theresa, Amy, Stacey, Kelly, Jennifer, Petra Terry, Wesley, Samantha, Selemon, Malcolm. Jennifer, Tanya, Zara, Daryl and Ryan
Please pray for those attending the “Keep Your Love on” Course

Other Prayer Points

- For those who attend the Weekly Bible Study on Thursdays at 7pm
- For those who are attending the Course on Relationships with God and With others on Saturdays at 5pm
- For those who attend Saturday Gathering on Saturdays at 7pm
- For vision and wisdom for the “Christians Together Calderdale” trustees and staff
- For the guidance, protection, work and witness of the volunteers at the Drop In or at any of the Christians Together Calderdale Projects, including “Hope Restored” and “Second Chances”
- For all the guests who come to the Drop In and the Gathering Place for help.
- For those who are using our services at the Winter Shelter, Second Chances or Hope Restored
- For management team and the women at our Supported House.
- For all the work being done to help vulnerable people in the Upper and the Lower Valley areas of Calderdale.
- For “Project Colt” who have been affected by the recent floods. Their premises are on Elland Bridge where they sell restored second hand furniture to support their work with people who are struggling with addiction problems. Well worth a visit.
- “Teen Challenge” who also work with people who are struggling with addiction problems.
- For all the local charities who help vulnerable people in our area.
- For the management of the local Lidl and Morrisons supermarkets who support the Food Drop In and the Banqueting Table Café
- For all who contribute to the work and support of the Drop In, in any way. As well as many Churches and Individuals we are also supported by many businesses throughout Calderdale and beyond.