Food and Support Drop In - October

Thank you to all those who have supported us this this Harvest time.  Without your generous donations we would really struggle and as usual tinned items remain a priority as do Coffee, Shampoo and Shower Gel. If you want to donate pasta, please can we ask for PASTA SHAPES NOT SPAGHETTI. Also now that Autumn has arrived we need SOCKS.


10th October

  • 49 Volunteers
  • 129 Individual Parcels given out
  • 13 Parcels to new people
  • 11 Parcels to families who attended with 21 children

17th October

  • 50 Volunteers
  • 132 Individual Parcels given out
  • 11 Parcels to new people
  • 9 Parcels to families who attended with 24 children

24th October

  • 49 Volunteers
  • 96 Individual Parcels given out
  • 11 Parcels to families who attended with 21 children

The following guests asked for your prayers; Frank, Kelly, Jennifer, Julie, Rosie, Jon, June, Ashley, Fiona, Agnes, Tyler, Sarah, Kielie, Katrina, Gina, Linda, Alem, Julie, Hugh, Elizabeth, Mohammed, Paul, Sbhato, Rosie, Karl, Simon, Robert, Lindsey, Chris, Lee, Michelle, Patricia, Ben, Michelle, Andy, Sarah, Tracy, Craig, Amanuel, Debbie, Sherridan, David, Justina, Amaska, Steve, Jeff, Marcia, Philip, Natalie, Nicola, Anthony, Mary, Tanya, Andrew, Malcolm, Michael, Rebecca, Carol, Ian, Wesley, Samantha, Sid, David, Andrew, Thomas, Belets, Mhitab, Thomas, Elizabeth, Chris, Hugh, Glynis, Steven, Daryl, Matthew, Julie, Victor, George, Graham, Chris, Michael, Brian, David, Laura, Callum, Patsy, Maureen, Piotr, Michael, Rivnyak, Nigel, Patrick, Andrew, John, Heath, Mandy, Ian, Norman, Patrick, Gregg, Ray, Chris, Dermot and Richard