FSDI Newsletter - June 2016

Saturday and Thursday Gathering

Praise God that Saturday Gathering is going so well that they are going to split into two groups. Alongside our group at the Gathering Place, we are hoping to start a second group in October at St Hilda’s Church: Gibraltar Rd, Halifax, HX1 4HE. Please pray for enough volunteers to come forward for both sessions, we need prayers, kitchen teams, cleaners, befrienders and mentors. If you are interested please contact Linda Maslen at the Gathering Place, or via our website or email her at: linda@christianstogether.org.uk
Thursday Gathering is going well now, please pray for those attending and we would love to see you if you are able to attend. It is at 11.15am until 12.30pm

Hope Reclaimed

Many of our guests and many of us(!!!) are benefiting from the work of Hope Reclaimed. Their services are open to all and are free:
·         The recording sessions are by appointment and mainly run on Fridays. This is a good way of expressing hurts, feelings or thanks, having help with your words and then putting them to music if you wish in a way that many of us would benefit from but would find impossible to do on our own.

·         Hope Reclaimed also run sessions for Worship Leaders.

·         There is a homework club which runs on Fridays after school.

·         The Hope Reclaimed Art Sessions on Tuesdays run from 10am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 4pm People are allowed to attend either session or both sessions as they wish, and come every week or just once, whichever suits you.

They are going well and the team are starting a new series of themed art sessions starting on Tuesday 14th June.

PICK'N' MIX ART SESSIONS as you desire:
10am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 4pm.
-  Tues 14th June Quilling

-  Tues 21st June Textured glue watercolour art/ scripture flower fans

-  Tues 28th June Felt Kandinsky circles on canvas

-  Tues 5th July     Zentangles.

-  Tues 12th July    Drinks Coasters

-  Tues 19th July    Decoupage Cards/ Brusho Ink Northern Lights

If you wish to attend the art sessions but do your own artwork rather than the scheduled activity that is fine too.

If you would like to take part in anything going on at Hope Reclaimed, find out more, please contact cathandangusmusic@gmail.com, The Gathering Place, Tel 01422 647390 or just come to any session.

For your prayers

Please pray for all the work going on at Hope Reclaimed, for its guests and its leaders.
Please continue to pray for all our events
For those new Christians who are going to “New Wine National Christian Conference” at the end of July this year. Preparations are now underway.

The Food and Support Drop In

On the 4th June we gave out 104 parcels, which included 9 for new people, plus another 8 for families who attended with 17 children. We had 40 volunteers. Since the Drop In started we have now given out over 50,000 parcels.
The following people asked for your prayers: Fabian, Aidara, Solamaj, Paul, Ryan, Philip, Terry, Emma, Matthew, Michael, Julie, Andrew, Rosie, Michael, Jon, John, Trevor, Nigel, Lisa, Denville, Tony, Robert, Andrew, Heath, Karl, Dermot, David, Michel, Michael, Paul, Sarah, Angie, Claire, Ben, Tracy, Dean, Bernard, Kate, David, Belets, Zara, Michael, Chris and Sarah.
Although we had 40 volunteers this week, we do need as many as we can, especially those who are willing to befriend people. Befriending usually means sitting and listening to people who are struggling at the moment for many reasons. If you feel you are able to give us some time on Saturday mornings doing this, either occasionally or weekly, whatever suits you, please contact us or turn up at 9.30 on any Saturday morning to look around.
Donations of Food
At the Drop In we are currently very short of all food items outlined below, but especially Coffee, Baked beans and Tinned vegetables, as well as Deodorants, Tin Openers, Quilts, Quilt covers, Sheets, Pillows and pillow cases, Sleeping bags, Bath Towels, Socks, Trainers and fresh Bakery and Savouries for Saturday Morning Refreshments.

Baked Beans
Cup a Soup
Fresh Bakery
Curry Sauce/Pasta Sauce
Breakfast Cereals
Can Openers
Tinned Meals – Irish Stew etc
Tooth brushes & Tooth paste
Tinned Tuna
Rice Pudding
Toilet Rolls
Tinned Soup
Tinned puddings
Tinned Vegetables (Peas, Carrots or Sweetcorn)
Tinned Fruit
Tinned Potatoes
Shower Gel
Tinned Pies, eg Fray Bentos
Sanitary Towels
Tinned Meat, Corned beef, Ham etc
Washing Powder
Instant Mash Potato
Fruit squashes
Washing Up Liquid
Instant Noodles/Pot Noodles etc
Instant Hot Chocolate
Complete Dog Food
Meat paste/Peanut butter & other sandwich fillers
Instant Custard Powder
Complete Cat Food
Jam/Marmalade/Lemon Curd/Chocolate Spread
Biscuits & Crackers
Individually wrapped Sweets
Bedding, Preferably Double Quilts & Sheets
Large Towels

When delivering items for the Food and Support Drop In, the Ebenezer Centre is open on Thursdays from 9am to 12.30pm and on Saturdays between 9am and 11.30am.
Volunteers are needed at the Drop In on Thursdays or Saturdays, between 9.00am and 12.15pm.

Donations of Money
May I remind everybody who donates money via cheques to make it payable to;
If you are happy to support any of the Christians Together Projects please leave the cheque blank on the back. If you wish your donation to be only for the Drop In, please write “Drop In” on the back. Any correspondence should be sent to The Gathering Place.
If you wish to give regularly, Financial Forms are available on our website support page (Including GIFT AID forms) at http://christianstogether.org.uk/giving/ Alternatively please leave your name, address and contact number at The Ebenezer Centre on Thursday or Saturday mornings, or at the Gathering Place, so that the treasurer can get in touch.
Once again thank you to everyone for your prayers, donations and support. They are very much appreciated.
With kind regards to you all


Michael Parkes Wins Halifax Giving Extra Award

Michael feeds around 70 people 3 times a week. without the café many people would go hungry. The banqueting table is run 3 days a week and along with a small group of kitchen volunteers provides a 2 course meal. Most of the food is donated and would otherwise go to landfill, some of the food is also donated through various means such as local business and good will of the community. He works between 5 and 6 days a week in a voluntary capacity and when he is not cooking he is organising food donations and dealing with the paperwork or organising the rotas! The banqueting table provide the meals to anyone but most of the users are from the disadvantaged or marginalised community and without this they would be going hungry. Many are also victims of benefit sanctions or benefit cuts and again are unable to afford a decent meal. 


Food & Support Drop-In Newsletter: January


We are currently short of Tinned Rice Pudding, Coffee, Tinned Vegetables, Tinned Meals, Pasta Sauce, Curry Sauce, Washing powder and Washing Up Liquid. Again please can we concentrate on these at the moment. Thank you so much.


The Drop In is open for deliveries every Thursday between 9am - 1pm and every Saturday morning between 9am - 11.30am.

For Your Prayers

This week we gave out 104 parcels which included 7 for new people, plus another 7 parcels for families who attended family gathering with 11 children. We had 50 volunteers.
The following people asked for your prayers; Andrew, Nathan, Elizabeth, Neil, Mary, Derek, Greg, Karen, Jeff, Nicola, Natalie, Richard, Keiran, Tracy, Rachel, Julie, Michael, Daniel, Dean, Lauren,  Raymond,  Ben, Heath,  Paul, Anthony, Patrick, Claire, Theresa, Amy, Stacey, Kelly, Jennifer, Petra Terry, Wesley, Samantha, Selemon, Malcolm. Jennifer, Tanya, Zara, Daryl and Ryan
Please pray for those attending the “Keep Your Love on” Course

Other Prayer Points

- For those who attend the Weekly Bible Study on Thursdays at 7pm
- For those who are attending the Course on Relationships with God and With others on Saturdays at 5pm
- For those who attend Saturday Gathering on Saturdays at 7pm
- For vision and wisdom for the “Christians Together Calderdale” trustees and staff
- For the guidance, protection, work and witness of the volunteers at the Drop In or at any of the Christians Together Calderdale Projects, including “Hope Restored” and “Second Chances”
- For all the guests who come to the Drop In and the Gathering Place for help.
- For those who are using our services at the Winter Shelter, Second Chances or Hope Restored
- For management team and the women at our Supported House.
- For all the work being done to help vulnerable people in the Upper and the Lower Valley areas of Calderdale.
- For “Project Colt” who have been affected by the recent floods. Their premises are on Elland Bridge where they sell restored second hand furniture to support their work with people who are struggling with addiction problems. Well worth a visit.
- “Teen Challenge” who also work with people who are struggling with addiction problems.
- For all the local charities who help vulnerable people in our area.
- For the management of the local Lidl and Morrisons supermarkets who support the Food Drop In and the Banqueting Table Café
- For all who contribute to the work and support of the Drop In, in any way. As well as many Churches and Individuals we are also supported by many businesses throughout Calderdale and beyond.

Saturday Gathering Filming

We had the film crew who filmed the Lord's Prayer Video here at Saturday Gathering this weekend. They recorded some of the amazing testimonies that our people carry as well as capturing our evening celebration and we even did a passion play outside the minster in the rain. You will be able to see the finished result in the weeks coming up to Easter with the main video being released on Easter day. 

Prophetic & Healing Prayer Day

We had a fantastic day on Saturday with Laura McWilliams (North East & Yorkshire Regional Director for New Wine) leading us in training for prophetic gifts and praying for healing. She taught, using scripture, on both topics then we split off into groups and tried out what we had learnt, allowing space to listen to God. Many people were so blessed by the words and pictures they received and some experienced a prophetic word/healing for the first time! God is amazing!