How can I receive help?

We know that life can sometimes get incredibly challenging.  Everyday we see lives transformed from being in the grips of despair, poverty and brokenness to being full of hope, provision and healing.  When you use any of our services, you will always be loved and accepted unconditionally.  We do not judge, in fact, many of our staff and volunteers are people who have themselves experienced really difficult times, but are now in a more positive place and just want to give back to others as an act of gratitude.  We believe no one should be homeless, hurting or hungry.  Take the first step to changing your life and get in touch. 

Food & Support Drop-In

Provides food parcels, friendship,prayer Saturday mornings at Ebenezer Centre.

Second Chances

Provides emergency support and assessment on how to meet your needs long term.  Open through the week at The Gathering Place,

Hope reclaimed

Provides a safe, nurturing environment to build relationships and confidence through art and music.

Art workshop (just drop-in!) every Tuesday 10am, Recording Studio and songwriting every Friday (by appointment).

Winter Shelter

Provides a safe and warm bed for the night if you have no place to stay.  Jan - March.

Banqueting Table

A "pay as you are able" cafe.  If you genuinely are not able to pay for your meal then you don't have to! If you have a little bit which you would like to contribute - then we're grateful for any contributions! We believe no one should go hungry in Calderdale.  Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12.30-2.00pm.

Homework Club

When it comes to your children's homework, are they driving you a little crackers? We provide tutoring sessions along with a meal.  We ask that parents and carers stay with their children whilst our tutors help get the work done in no time, giving you the whole weekend free of nagging! Everything is completely free.